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Don't know why I created this site.  I must have too much time on my hands.  :-)  My last name is "Haitsuka", so I figured that I should have my own website.  I'll post some hokey photos and other interesting stuff.  If anyone else with the name "Haitsuka" wants to chime in, or you happen to be related to me somehow, let me know and I'll let you post some hokey and/or interesting stuff as well!

Kamsky P. Sigrah is a bully!

There is an individual on Facebook by the name of "Kamsky Sigrah".  He didn't like a post I made online so he took it upon himself to deface a photo of my 10 year old son.  This man is a bully and works as a security officer.  His Hawaii guard license number is GDE-12400.  He has no business working as a guard with his crappy attitude. 

Not only does he have a nasty attitude, he had the nerve to send me a FB message and threaten me!  I posted some of his antics below. 

Dude calls me "racist", yet has the nerve to refer to me as a "Jap".  There's a special place in H377 for guys like this! 

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